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SwissGyro V2 ready to fly, Dec 27, 2008.jpg
Uebersicht SwissGyro V2, Dez 27, 2008.pdf
X-UFO with SwissGyro,shown by UFO Doctor, Foto as@schrell.de.jpg


Descriptions of the videos 2 to 26.pdf
Infos zum Abspielen der Videos auf XP und LINUX, Sep.12, 2008.pdf
Video 21, Serial Nr 13, Dynamic flight, Aug 20th, 2008 .mp4
Video 22, VEDA at Technorama, April 3rd, 2009.AVI

Video 26 P_P BL-mod with SG and Yaw

Video 6, First Flight with SwissGyro Serial Nr.11, Apr 21th, 2008

Videos 17 to 20, SG Serial Nr 13 at a windy day, Aug. 4th, 2008

Videos 2 to 4, SwissGyro V5_3 Prototyp

Videos 23 to 25, by Paul UK, Plottermeier and Swiss Gyro

Videos 7 to 11, SwissGyro Nr 12_16 at Uni Bern, June, 2008



Advice for 3D printing

Angebot SwissGyro

Anleitungen zum Bau des SwissGyro

Arduino Projekte

Clogging Detector for 3D Printer

Clogging Monitor Version 2

Felix Printer

Future projects

History and prototypes


JGaurora Printer

Leuchtwuermchen in Hecke

Lubricator for 3D Printer

NFC and Power Transmission

Parrot Infos

Recent other Projects

STL Files for Clogging Sensor

    A1 Velleman with long Stacks.pdf
    A10 Remote Control.pdf
    A11 SD Micro Adapter.pdf
    A12 Arduino with Stacks.pdf
    A13 Buzzer.pdf
    A14 Modul 1 Relay.pdf
    A15 Modul 2 Diode, FET ,Cap.pdf
    A16 Modul 3 Interface Sensors.pdf
    A2 Socket Sensor.pdf
    A3 Push Button.pdf
    A4 Phone Jack.pdf
    A5 DC Jack.pdf
    A6 3-Pin Socket.pdf
    A7 4-Pin Socket.pdf
    A8 2-Pin Socket.pdf
    A9 Screw M2x8.pdf
    base with aux support.zip
    base without auxiliar support.zip
    cover with draft shield.zip
    encoder drum alone.zip
    encoder drum with draft shields for print.zip
    sensor panel bottom.zip
    sensor panel text ext 1.zip
    sensor panel text ext 2.zip
    solder plate.zip

STL files for 3D Printer mods

Tutorial PCB Design Target 3001

Tutorial for X-UFO to BL modifications

Vortraege SwissGyro 2009

pSpice Simulationen und Berichte im Forum


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